A robot that helps people with limited mobility – Labrador Retriever

A New Type of Personal Robot

Easy to Use

Command your robot through a variety of simple options, including from an app on your smart phone or tablet, with your voice (such as via an Alexa-enabled device), or by pre-set schedule.

Incredibly Practical

Whether delivering meals, carrying laundry or keeping critical items within reach, our robots are designed to serve as an extra pair of hands and lighten the load of everyday tasks in the home.

Personalized for Your Needs

We offer two models and a set of options to let you select what works best for you. When we setup your robot, we train it on a customized map of your home based on your preferences.

Super Smart

All of our robots use advanced 3D vision to guide themselves around homes. They navigate between rooms, through doorways and tight spaces, and automatically dock when they need to charge.

Robots help you move stuff. Lots of stuff…

Labrador robots are designed to serve as an extra pair of hands, to help move large loads, as well as keep smaller items within reach.

Please check our product features and specifications below to see which model and options might work for your needs.*

Personalized Setup


  • When you first get your robot, we train it on a set of routes and “bus stops” based on your preferences.
  • Bus stops are the places you want the robot to go, such as by the refrigerator or alongside your favorite chair.
  • Bus stops can be anywhere the robot can reach on single level of your home.
  • You can change and add bus stops to an existing map over time.

example floor plan for Labrador assistive robot

Advanced 3D Sensing

  • Downward facing sensors scan for obstacles on all sides.
  • Additional forward-looking sensors (not shown) provide extra sensing along the robot’s primary path.
  • A network of bumpers surrounds the base and upper cabinet of the robot for an added layer of detection.

Advanced 3D sensing

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