CASACOR | December 2019

Maxicon returns as one of CASACOR Miami official suppliers, partnering with Samsung to provide all the Smart Technology and displays for this amazing and one of a kind exhibition.

The 19-day exhibition brings interior and architectural designs speaking to minimalism, maximalism, experiential, conceptual, organic, as well as innovative design spaces. Landscaping artists are curating living spaces to allow guests to truly connect with nature and create a sense of belonging and calmness in the epicenter of Miami.

The eclectic exhibition gives guests the opportunity to meet participating design professionals and brands while engaging with innovative design ideas that may be applied to their own living spaces. As The Smart Technology supplier we collaborated with many of the renowned designers like Allan Malouf, Cristiana Mascarenhas, Jesus Pacheco, Mr. Alex Tate, Pininfarina, Tamara Feldman and Yodezeen.


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