Double Win for Maxicon: TD Magazine Cheers Our Design

Double Win for Maxicon: TD Magazine Cheers Our Design

At Maxicon, we are thrilled to announce that we have received two prestigious awards from TD Magazine in the categories of “Best Design – Media Room” and “Best Design – Outdoor Entertainment.”

In the “Best Design – Media Room” category, we are honored to be recognized for our dedication to creating immersive and technologically advanced media rooms that redefine the home entertainment experience. Our commitment to delivering exceptional media room solutions that cater to our clients’ unique needs and preferences is at the heart of this award.


Furthermore, we are equally proud of our achievement in the “Best Design – Outdoor Entertainment” category. This accolade reflects our expertise in crafting outdoor spaces that seamlessly blend the beauty of the outdoors with cutting-edge technology.



Collaborating with distinguished experts, including acoustic and lighting consultant WSDG and visionary architect Mariano Isman from Urban Group Contractors, has allowed us to set new standards for Dedicated Home Cinema and Outdoor Entertainment Spaces that are both captivating and functional.