The Home Technology Association certifies the best home technology installation firms

Connecting homeowners and home design and building professionals with the most reputable and qualified professionals in the home technology industry

Why work with an HTA Certified company?

HTA Certified companies have been thoroughly researched for reputation, technical competence, customer service, and aftercare support policies. A Home Technology Association certification can astronomically improve the odds of success through highly vetted firms. See this video by celebrity real estate professional James Harris on why HTA Certification is vital to success:


Concerned about the cost of your new project? The Home Technology Association has come up with a free, quick and easy to use budget tool. Just answer 20 questions for a realistic, unbiased budget range for your next project.

Welcome to the Home Technology Calculator powered by the Home Technology Association (HTA. This objective tool was developed by HTA to help consumers plan and budget for any home technology project