Maxicon 2022 CES New Products: HOME SHADOWS – Deters Burglars

New, effective technology deters burglars.

The patented world first generates moving shadows in order to simulate the presence of people.


Random shadows simulate presence

HomeShadows generates shadows on walls, windows and curtains. This way, your home seems to be inhabited. Burglars avoid inhabited houses.

Extra security, even when you are alone at home.

Simulate presence in the rooms where no one is present at the moment. This way, your home looks much more inhabited – it does not matter whether you are at home or not!

Algorithms calculate random shadows

In order to achieve a realistic simulation, HomeShadows creates (because of special algorithms) random shadow movements, as well as rest periods without any shadow formations.


HomeShadows Low power consumption HomeShadows is very low in energy consumption. On average, the device only needs 7W during operation and 0.23W in the stand-by mode.


Simple operation

Simple handling thanks to a single switch. No installation needed.


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