Maxicon 2022 CES New Products: SONY (V I S I O N- S)

Moving Forward with you

Creating a thrilling experience in mobility space, and bringing the richness of the coming era to our planet and society – Sony is boldly accelerating in pursuit of this vision.
Hand-in-hand with our partners, we will make every moment as appealing as possible. Sony is cultivating new inspiration through the fusion of creativity and technology.


A superior quality space in the form of a beautiful coupe. A beautiful design pursued to the limit. VISION-S will redefine the future form of mobility, from safety and operability to experiences including entertainment.


Even greater safety and comfort through constant detection both inside and outside the vehicle.
Sony’s “Safety Cocoon” concept addresses safety and security– which will be critical for enabling the advancement of autonomous driving in the near future. With sensing technology that surpasses human vision, the system provides a 360-degree view of the vehicle’s surroundings, while at the same time carefully monitoring the condition of the driver and other conditions inside the vehicle. Furthermore, by feeding back the sensed information in real time to the driver, it provides a sense of safety and comfortable mobility experience.


Growth through constant evolution.
In an era where all products and data are connected, VISION-S Prototype is also part of the network. Data is synchronized in real time and the software is repeatedly updated over the network. Moving from the conventional group of independent systems to a system that has the potential to continue growing in real time, with the VISION-S Prototype, Sony is pursuing a car that never stops evolving.


Toward an even more comfortable and thrilling space.
With the spread of 5G and the sophistication of autonomous driving, mobility spaces in the future will become a relaxing place like a living room. Prior to such evolution, we will implement an AV environment that maximizes the closed cabin space inside the car. A sense of realism will envelop all the occupants. Even familiar music and movies will be the source of new thrills. Additionally, the stress-free operation feeling was designed based on ergonomics, and there is a sense of unity as if talking face-to-face even while sitting faced in the direction of travel. These features further deepen the relaxation felt by occupants.

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