Maxicon CES 2022 Best Products: Fresh Portal


Fresh Portal™ is a patented, innovative home delivery solution. Fresh Portal™ features advanced multipurpose delivery receiving solutions, remotely controlled via app or WiFi that incorporates Far-UVC disinfection, package security, and climate control into a single household appliance.

Fresh Portal™ keeps delivered groceries and prepared food fresh and temperature controlled until you can collect it into your own home. Fresh Portal™ is also the solution for temperature sensitive medications. FreshPortal™ is the ideal delivery solution for the modern home.


Fresh Portal’s™ ability to receive deliveries when you’re not home gives you peace of mind. You control everything from an app on your personal smart device. Notifications and live video allow you to monitor activity whenever activity occurs.


Order your favorite meal delivery before leaving work and when you arrive home your meal is ready to remove from the Fresh Portal™ and serve.


Skip the hassle of end of work day shopping and come home to freshly delivered groceries. Online order and delivery services have vastly improved, now you can have an equally efficient receiving option.


Fresh Portal™ is an appliance installed into an exterior wall of your home or office. A securely locked exterior door is accessible to delivery persons using a unique one-time access-code sent to their device over your existing WiFi network. A locked interior door gives you personal access to the delivery products. Fresh Portal™ has the ability to safely control temperature based on the needs of the particular delivery. The Far-UVC disinfection light cycle automatically runs every time a delivery occurs.


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