MAXICON offers a spectacular residential lighting solution in this Golden Beach Home!

Thanks to Lutron QSX Control, this Beautiful 25-Piece Chandelier comes alive.

Upon entering this CE Pro Home of the Year in Miami, Florida, the first thing you see is a gorgeous stainless-steel Lutron Palladiom keypad, a hint of things to come. That’s because with this singular keypad, the clients of this abode can control an impressive 5,000 square feet of lighting installed by MAXICON, LLC., including the massive chandelier hanging overhead. And that’s just the entryway.

Equipped with a Lutron QSX lighting control system, the house contains 56 of these types of keypads scattered throughout, however, according to MAXICON’s Jessica Persyko, it was this initial entryway that provided the biggest challenge for the team.

The chandelier in question, while it looks like a singular, cohesive fixture, is actually 25 separate spherical and linear lighting elements that come together to create a distinctly modern arrangement of lighting for the home. It’s the first thing you see when entering the home, and as such, the clients wanted everything to come together seamlessly.

That meant uniting those 25 separate fixtures and their respective remote power supplies onto a singular control interface that would allow all of them to act and run as a single entity.

“Initially, it seemed difficult to have this multi-piece hanging chandelier come together, but thanks to our engineering and lighting control design we were able to come up with a solution to bring all of this together,” she says, “and for it to come on in an orchestrated way.”

The keypads themselves wound up being a big deal as well, considering 56 of them were going to be installed. So, MAXICON went with stainless steel as the design finish.

Because the property’s walls are all a combination of stone and other textures, MAXICON decided that the stainless steel Palladiom keypads would stand out brilliantly as a lighting interface. In fact, MAXICON even described them as “the jewelry for these stunning walls.”

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